Blair: We need to talk.
Chuck: I prefer to talk after.

Serious update !

Hii <3, I'm so sorry that I posted no blogs more, but I had exams and was a long period sick. I'm now sitting in the schadow in my room cuz it's too warm outside ( like 34 degrees ! ). I did a lot the past months for example I was in the semifinal from Elite Model Look Belgium, but I guess they didn't like my wide hips (93 cm) and my straie ( I have it all over my back :(  ), but I enjoyed participating :D. I think me and my sister ( she's like 172 cm and has hips from 85 cm, and no straie ) will be participating again next year. I hope I'll find a solution for my straie, I really hate it. I'm like 179 cm and grew 15 cm in one year. But yeah what am I talking about myself! So I found a lot of new pictures of Candice and Adriana! I'll post later those pictures !

Oh, and here a photo of the first casting at Kortijk ! 

Firous. x

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