Blair: We need to talk.
Chuck: I prefer to talk after.

Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom still togheter?

Everybody is talking about it. The rumour goes that the two aren't togheter anymore. I hope it is just a rumour because I think they are the cutest couple.

Miranda Kerr is back!


Two months after she got her baby, Miranda Kerr is back on the catwalk. Below a photo on the runway.

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Miranda has a son!


Yesterday Miranda Kerr has given birth to a boy!

Congratulations Miranda and Orlando on the birth of your baby boy!


What do you want to see more on this site?


I think you know that on my site I post about models ( Candice, Adriana, Jenna, Nataniele), Gossip Girl and Vampire Diaries. Now is my question ( my poll ), what you want to see more on my site. If you want you can vote on my poll! Thanks :)

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New Candice photos

Here some beautiful photos I found.

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Promo Gossip Girl!

Here the promo of Gossip Girl (The kids aren't alright). Too bad, Gossip Girl starts January the 24th. 

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Blake Lively and Jessica Alba in music video!

In the new music video of The Lonely Island and Akon, you can see our Blake Lively and Jessica Alba.

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