Blair: We need to talk.
Chuck: I prefer to talk after.

What do you want to see more on this site?


I think you know that on my site I post about models ( Candice, Adriana, Jenna, Nataniele), Gossip Girl and Vampire Diaries. Now is my question ( my poll ), what you want to see more on my site. If you want you can vote on my poll! Thanks :)

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New Candice photos

Here some beautiful photos I found.

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Promo Gossip Girl!

Here the promo of Gossip Girl (The kids aren't alright). Too bad, Gossip Girl starts January the 24th. 

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Blake Lively and Jessica Alba in music video!

In the new music video of The Lonely Island and Akon, you can see our Blake Lively and Jessica Alba.

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Leighton Meester will leave Gossip Girl!

Hi, bad news... Leighton (aka Blair) has announced that she will be leaving Gossip Girl in two years. She says she will be leaving Gossip Girl  once her contract is up. Can't believe it, but I know one thing sure, that without Leighton I wouldn't watch the show.

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