Blair: We need to talk.
Chuck: I prefer to talk after.

Long time ago..

Hi, I said that I would post some stuff about GG, but I hadn't any time for it (schoolwork etc.).

In the mean time I discovered Vampire Diaries and I love it! I just watched episode 14 and I can't wait to see the next one. ( I guess it aires around 25 march? ) I have seen all the GG episodes, and I discovered that the show also aires in march, so I'm a little bit said that I can't see Vampire diares and GG  the next weeks. I have now vacantion so I have a lot time to work on my site. I will probably post some blogs about Vampire Diaries. I'm reading the first book from Vampire Diares 'The Awaking'. I read it in English because in Belgium they don't have it in Deutsch.

I searched also for the photos of Adriana Lima's baby Valentina, but I didn't found any. I'm curious how she looks like. 

Firous x
( Oh, and sorry for my bad English, I'm trying to do my best )

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